April 23rd, 2019

New Lake Record Common Carp 47lb 5oz

We currently have two 50lb plus carp, a mirror and a leather in our lake at Oakwood Fisheries as well as numerous 40lb fish all mirrors but last season the commons were getting close to the magical 40lb barrier having had quite a few different fish caught around 38-39lb mark.

So this season with our intense winter feeding program of our own lake special boilies that offer a complete diet for our carp we hoped there would be a new common carp lake record at Oakwood in 2019.

We didn’t have to wait long i’m delighted to say as Henry one of our regulars smashed the Common Carp Record with this 47lb 5 oz monster. What a stunner!! congratulations to him!

He also backed his common carp record up with a 44lb 3oz scale perfect mirror what a brace of fish for him, this is what dreams are made from and why people travel to France every year for there carp fishing.

This fish will be over 50lbs come the 2020 season as it has put on close to 13lbs since its last capture 16 months ago.

This puts Oakwood Fisheries seriously on the map of small water carp fishing as we will be able to boast the whole set of 50lb plus carp soon.

A Stunning Mirror, Beautiful Leather and that very exclusive club of having a 50lb plus common carp swimming around in our lake.



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