Oakwood Fisheries Rules

Here at Oakwood Fisheries we pride ourselves in careful handling and the condition of the carp. Good carp care is vital so with this in mind the following rules apply. After all nobody wants to catch carp in bad condition and with half their mouths missing.

  1. No braided mainline, minimum breaking strain for mono is 15lbs or .35mm
  2. No lead core or leaders whatsoever you’re mainline must be tied direct to the swivel.
  3. Only straight shanked hooks, crushed micro barbs are preferred or barbless. If it has a bend in the shank it’s not allowed please refer to the page on carp care for illustrated examples.
  4. No particles or nuts.
  5. No sacking of fish at any time.
  6. No dangerous fixed lead rigs and all rigs to incorporate at least 50cm of rig tubing above the lead to reduce the lifting of scales during the fight.
  7. 3 rods maximum.
  8. No rods to be left unattended at any time ( if you are caught with your rods out talking to your friend at the other end of the lake you will be asked to leave without refund).
  9. No fires.
  10. Frozen boilies only, freezer facilities available and full bait making facilities on site.
  11. No drunken and anti-social behaviour.
  12. Fishing permitted only in designated swims.
  13. Carp antiseptic is compulsory, to treat all hook holds and any damage (if you do not have a carp care kit you will be required to purchase one on site). You will be asked to show that you have this before fishing.
  14. All carp to be photographed in the swim they are caught and returned as quickly as possible.
  15. Carp Cradles only. If you wish to save space and odours in the car these can be rented for 15 Euros a week per person along with a ridged arm weigh. There is a small charge as these items are replaced yearly for our guests.
  16. Anglers must leave the water by 10 pm on the day of departure.  New arrivals may not access the site before 1pm.

If any of the above rules are broken Oakwood Fisheries reserves the right to ask you to leave without any refund.