1). How much bait should I bring?

A difficult one to answer but I normally say at least 20 kg’s of boilies, as if you are fishing 3 rods this is just 1kg per day per rod which is not a lot. We have large chest freezers so it’s better to bring too much and take some home!

2). Do we sell tackle on site?

No we do not have a tackle shop so please come prepared with everything you need including straight shank hooks and the necessary carp care equipment.

3). I see that your rules state no arrivals before 1pm, however, my boat arrives early on the Saturday morning – can I get to you early?

Not unless by prior arrangement as we need the 3 hour period to mow the grass and clean the cabin.

4). How far is the nearest supermarket / petrol station / tabac?

The nearest town is 3km away where you can find all of the above. Details will be given to you when you arrive.

5). Can we leave our gear on the bank if we go out for the day or visit the shops?

Oakwood is very secure, fully fenced and gated. We have never had a problem with any group leaving their personal effects and going out for the day.

6). Can we drink the Tap water?

Yes all the water is mains fed and perfectly safe to drink.

7). Do you have Uk plug points?

Yes the power points in the cabin are fitted with Uk adaptors so you can charge your mobile phones and bait boats.

8). Can we buy bait from you?

Yes we sell our own bait that we designed and produce ourself on site. Our Lake Special boilie is made from the highest quality ingredients, the fish are fed on it and it meets all their dietary needs.

9). Can I bring my own particles?

No there is a total particle ban except for tinned sweetcorn as these food sources offer little nutrition to the carp.

10). What boilies work best?

Good quality baits will catch you more fish. The lake Special accounts or a large proportion of the fish caught every year.

11). What size hooks work best?

Any size between 6-10 is good, sometimes finer presentations will catch you more carp and remember to change your hooks often as they don’t stay sharp forever!