Only frozen boilies are allowed at Oakwood Fisheries. This ensures the carp stay in good condition and continue the good growth rates they have been showing. We have large chest freezers on site to store your bait in.
There is a complete particle ban except tinned sweetcorn as these food sources are generally very low in nutrition and no high oil pellets apart from those used in PVA bags.

Freshly made boilies are available on site. We have three different lake specials, all are made with the finest ingredients and provide a complete diet for our carp as these are what they get feed on during the closed season.

All baits are made fresh to order (they need to be ordered before you arrive) and will be ready for you on arrival rolled the day before as we have full bait making facilities on site. This is the freshest bait possible. Special combinations can also be ordered, i am happy to discuss bait with you for your individual needs where you can add your own flavour combinations to our tried and tested base mixes.

Special discount prices are available for our clients.


5 Kg Boilies all makes are £39.99.

Pop ups, dips and stick mixes 8 euros