The Swims

Swim 1 (big island)

Swim 1 is located at the top of the lake and as the name suggests features a large wooded island. It’s a perfect place for intercepting carp as they pass through the two channels either side of the island. This swim also features far marginal lily beds and gravel margins a perfect place for tempting a carp. This is the shallowest part of the lake at 5-6ft with a couple of deeper spots and some gravel patches.

Swim 2 (channel)

The lake narrows at swim 2 creating a channel, this is an ideal place to intercept a passing carp as they head up and down the lake. Swim 2 has gravel margins and a newly planted reed bed on the far side along with a small group of lily pads. As you are quite close to passing carp a stealth approach is best.

Swim 3 (Lily bay)

This swim is a real picture it features large bays of lily pads at comfortable casting and baiting distances at around 70 yards. This swim has a mix of gravel, clay and silt and has very productive margins.

Swim 4 (The hole)

Again a real cracking spot with rhodoendrons at the rear and mature oak and pine trees on the far bank. Add into the mix big sweeping bays of lily beds and overhanging trees this swim is great if you wish to fish 2 rods keeping lines to a minimum. The bottom here has many hard clay patches and a deep hole.

Swim 5 (The Plateaux)

Swim 5 offers the most water, it is a large swim made up of many different elements. It boasts large gravel plateaux 4 meters wide and 25 meters long. Lily pads, controlled weed beds, overhanging trees and a small island.

Swim 6 (Rhododendrons)

Swim 6 is tucked away at the far end of the lake, it offers a fantastic looking bay with overhanging trees and lily beds to the far margin. There is also a small willow island and the silt patches prove particularly productive in this swim. It is also one of the deeper spots on the lake at about 7 feet and is surrounded by mature Rhododendrons.