February 7th, 2012

Carp Fishing in France at Oakwood Fisheries

A typical English estate lake located in Brittany? It sounds strange but it’s true. Just 30 minutes south of Rennes and an easy 2½ hour drive from the ferry port of Caen lies Oakwood Fisheries. A great location for a carp fishing holiday in France

Deep in the Breton countryside Oakwood is a stunning Five acre, tree lined lake created in 1862 for the local chateau and then left to the elements for generations. On-going Fishery management has seen the lake rejuvenated back to the sparkling jewel it is and it resides in a securely fenced private estate of 19 acre’s. With its 7 purpose built wood chipped swims surrounded by mature woodland and masses of colourful rhododendrons Oakwood fisheries is picture perfect.


It offers many features to carp fish including islands, plateaux’s and lily pads, a real carp angler’s dream. The banks are easily accessible and car access to the swims is permitted to unload your tackle upon arrival. The swims have been carefully constructed to provide each one with interesting features to fish to. The lake can accommodate up to 5 anglers but 4 allows plenty of space to move swims.

There are around 130 big carp present, the average size being over 25lbs and a real mixture of beautiful fish including linear’s, fully scaled, big plated mirrors and of course hard fighting common carp. An additional stock of 30 big fish were added in December 2010 all ranging between 25 – 41 lbs. There are numerous 30’s and several 40’s.

If you were brought up on a diet of Bernard Venables, Dick Walker and Chris Yates you will love Oakwood Fisheries. Nestled in a quiet French valley, surrounded by woodland, with lilies forming tempting bays and providing a haven for the carp. It’s everything you will have dreamed of.

Les, Phil & Adam fished here in April 2011 taking 16 x 20′s and 7 x 30′s to 37lb 4oz. Their comments were;

“Enjoyed the visit, an excellent week. Nice fish, good owners and the food was fantastic every night. Bang on, see you next year!”

The week before Bill Holcombe had fished the lake taking 10 x 20′s and 2 x 30′s. Here are his comments;

“Food was excellent, home cooked means home cooked & very well too. Breakfast baguettes were awesome! Stay near your rods as all the takes were one-toners! I think the fish have been fed on steroids… they fight like demons and take off like trains as soon as they feel the hook!”

Oakwood Fisheries is perfect for getting away from everything, a place to enjoy catching carp while taking in the beautiful surroundings. Thinking of a carp fishing holiday in France then why not try Oakwood Fisheries.

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