December 2nd, 2011

The new swim is ready at Oakwood

I’m delighted to announce that all the work is now complete to the new swim at Oakwood. Construction started last November when I cleared the overgrown area and cut the trees back. The lily pads were next, these were removed in May. The digger then arrived on site in August to remove the large reed type plants at the front of the swim. This allowed us access with the weed rake and the swim has now been raked clear.

We have created some fantastic looking spots for you to fish to and it also gives our clients even more space and swim choice.

The New Swim

I’m really happy with how the swim has turned out, it’s a large swim with mature rhodendrems as a backdrop, packed full of features. The bottom is hard clay and silt with patches of gravel. As you look out from the bank there is a large bay surrounded by lily pads with a spring rising in the middle of the swim and a large over hanging tree in the far margin. I couldn’t resist having a break from work this week and getting the rods out for a couple of hours as it was my birthday, it looked so tempting! This is the first time I had put the rods out here since March as I have been really busy making improvements around the estate. I did manage to sneak a common out after a few hours, not very big, in fact a baby at about 18lbs but gorgeous in colour and one of the next generation, with the genetics from the original fish which was nice to see.

I think this swim could be plucked from a carp angler’s dream I hope you agree!

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