December 12th, 2017

Rods Beware

Another season draws to an end at Oakwood Fisheries as our last guests depart and the fish get a well earn’t rest.

This season has seen 3 rods get dragged in through violent takes all were finally found using a spinner but Stephen our last guest had a surprise on the second to last day.

Stephen was sitting next to his rods when he heard a single tone from the delkims and then the rod flew up in the air over the snag ears and into the lake! Stephen dived straight in on top of his rod in 5 feet of water and was into the fish which unfortunately for Stephen was un controllable and headed straight for the nearest snag and broke his line. He was dissappointed and wet but still had a great week this is what he had to say:

” Smashed by mirror PB with this 42lb 8 oz beauty and also added 4 lbs to my common PB so more than happy days. It was a great holiday for us well run and managed fishery, Dan will always give you advice on the best places to fish and fresh bait made on site which we used throughout. The food i must say was also fantastic thank you very much for a great trip with beautiful carp”.


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