December 29th, 2011

New path construction and 2012 work schedule at Oakwood

All the anglers have now left for the season and it’s time to start making improvements around the place.

We have already been busy creating new paths and path widening through the woodland. A real advantage for any fishery owner is the use of a mini digger. If I could rewind time back to 4 years ago when we started work on the fishery this would have been the first thing I purchased!

On top of this in the New Year all of the swims are going to get a makeover. We are going to wooden front the swims and lay woodchip areas to accommodate angler’s bivvy’s and tackle to prevent the swims from getting muddy and to stop splash back on the angler’s rods and reels during heavy rain. Knowing what most carp anglers are like with their beloved tackle I’m sure this will be a welcome addition to the site. I do hate bits of grit and mud getting in my own reels during prolonged heavy rain!

We are also into the winter feeding program now… hopefully we will see the same weight gains we achieved last year with 3 new forties hitting the banks. We will again be treating the water again in the spring with Siltex – a vital part of good fishery management.

I would like to thank all our guests in 2011 and wish everyone tight lines in 2012.


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