January 15th, 2011

New carp stock settling in well at Oakwood

Peach, one of the November fish that were stocked at Oakwood

I’m please to report that the 30 new fish we stocked in November appear to be settling in to their new surroundings well.

We have suffered no losses and now that the ice and artic like conditions have left us the winter feeding program is back in place and the fish have their heads down feeding in the deep water at the far end of the lake.

Next season we should see good wieght gains on the young fish with the 40lb mirror only being 8 years old and don’t forget we are offering 50% off the price of your next trip here if you bank “Peach” first in 2011.

We are also offering 50% off during the month of March so why not take advantage of the rising water temperature and low prices and bank some lumps this spring.

Regards, Dan

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