April 10th, 2014

First Guest Arrives

Glad to say the weather has picked up in time to welcome our first guest of the season Ivan visiting for the first time.

Ivan needed to get away from work and get the rods out after telephoning for a last minute trip.

He had a great week banking 12 Carp from 20 – 36 lbs, the biggest being the long linear at a new record weight of 36lb 8 oz

Good to see as this fish was banked for the first time in 3 years in July last year at 30lb 7oz  and before that she was down to 24lb where I feared this old original fish may die looking like she had caught something nasty having dropped 7 lb in weight.

But after a 3 year disappearance from the banks where I fear she had died she is now at a record weight of 36lb 8 oz and looking at the way she is going I think by the end of the year Oakwood will be welcoming its first 40lb linear!

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