March 22nd, 2011

Dan’s Blog – Harley the cook dog!

Industrial cooking for the fish that Harley carefully watches… just in case some bait drops on the floor!

Well this is my first entry on the new blog it should provide a good insight into the day to day duties of a fishery owner. It’s not going to be all fishing though… there will undoubtedly be a few visits to watch Moto GP being one of my favourite distractions in life, in fact as I am writing this now I am eagerly awaiting the season’s opening race tonight!

The new tree trunk in the front of swim 5, just need to level the swim now

This week has been remarkably warm getting up to 18 degrees, the fish are extremely active already, I put this down to the winter feeding programme, in place this year for the first time. As well as cooking for the fish we have been busy tidying and making improvements around the lake.

This week saw improvements made to swim 5 in the form of a 25 ft tree trunk being felled and rowed from one end of the lake to the other and positioned in the front of the swim to stop the water coming up on an area of the bank when the level is high in winter. The swim will be complete this week as I am going to raise the level of the swim slightly, half way up the new log front and should prove a very comfortable place to bivvy up for the new season!

Cheers for now…. Dan

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