April 6th, 2011

Dan’s Blog – French carp are catchable in March

At least one 30lb+ carp basking in the lilies just 2 days ago

The weather has been fantastic this week making the carp very active, I think they have been having a secret competition of who can jump the highest out of the lake! As well as the usual sun bathing with the early season weather we have out here. I wonder why more carp anglers don’t venture over in March? It’s very strange, in my opinion it’s one of the best months for fishing out here, perhaps people are thinking what the weather is like in the UK and thinking it’s too cold! Take a look at the pictures and your see this is just not the case.

The lake produced its first forty of the season last week, to an angler fishing just one night in exchange for a day’s work. He was over the moon as he smashed his personal best by over 16lbs in swim 6. An 18mm Baitcraft T1 boilie did the damage with around 150 free offerings. I will post the pictures shortly when they have been e-mailed across to me. Great fishing fella.

On the work front, the levelling of swim 5 is now complete and grass seed has been applied. After seeing the difference it’s made, all of the swims are going to get the same treatment after the fishermen have left this year.

See you for now, Dan.

Swim 5 before the work

Swim 5 after the work

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