June 21st, 2011

A video preview of the new swim at Oakwood – “The Hole”

I had been looking at putting a new swim in at Oakwood where a large bed of lily’s had been residing for some years. We have 5 swims already in place 2 being able to fish as doubles but I felt we needed another one to give our guest the option of a move should their swim slow down.

The area that was selected needed a lot of tree work and clearing before the water could even be seen but I knew it would be worth the effort as it would create a perfect swim to fish two rods with a bay of lily pads and overhanging trees.

Large branches were first removed to make way for casting then the whole swim was cut down and cleared. You can now pull a bus up in it it’s so big, a lovely spot with mature rhododendrons behind.

The final work to the lily pads will be completed by mid-summer and will be open for fishing after this time.

The swim has been named “The Hole” and it will be the perfect place to tempt a lump from!

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