March 28th, 2011

Freedom for the River Queen (Kids Learning To Fly Fish)

Freedom for the River Queen (Kids Learning To Fly Fish)

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In 1884, rivers were in crisis as westward expansion and industrialization spawned America's gilded age. Overfishing to feed a population growing by the train car every day and dumping from tanneries, refineries, and slaughter houses had killed most of the fish. A new US Commission on Fisheries thought it had found the solution to fresh fish for America from a European Queen and her entourage. But the Queen had a different idea for coming to America. This is a book for fly fishers to read to their young children about catch and release, about imigrating to America, and about the transition from valued inhabitant in her home country to reviled foreign nuisance in her adopted country. On an environmental level, it covers clean streams, and the practice of catch and release sport fishing. This is a difficult concept; but catch and release of a carp? INCONCEIVABLE!!! Except in Denver, Colorado, where a pioneer named Barry Reynolds started a movement embracing and celebrating this fish for its difficulty to catch on a fly rod and its raw power. Izaak Walton, the father of fly fishing, call the Carp, "Queen of the Rivers." In Denver, Colorado they call her the "Colorado Dorado" and celebrate her each year with a fly fishing contest and gala on the river. How and why the Queen became hated in America, while she continues to be revered in all other countries of the world has remained unexplained, until now. Reviews: "Wow, really?" Francesca"Great tale. Tail?" Tim Emery"Can't wait to read it." Erica Stock Cleaver


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