The Stock

There’s around 140 big carp present at Oakwood Fisheries, the average size for 2017 season being just over 30lbs, with very few carp below low 20′s

There are numerous 30′s and Seven known 40′s. The largest mirror out in 2017 was 49lbs so we are hopeful in 2018 that this will break the 50lb barrier or his brother Scar face who is a similar weight.

Oakwood contains some of the most amazing looking fish you will have seen from perfect linears to big plated mirrors and hard fighting golden commons.

Oakwood is a balanced natural mixed fishery, there are big perch and pike present that keep the numbers of small fish down and very beautiful large Rudd that have been caught to 4lb 10oz.

There are also some tench and 3 grass carp present which are growing at an astonishing rate.

The largest is over 60lbs being only stocked 8 years ago.

There are no bream present and no poisson chat.

The most recent stockings occurred in January 2013 where 25 pristine carp were added there is a video available and November 2010 when a further 30 carp were stocked, all the fish were between 25 – 41lb.

They were a mixture of mirror and common carp, all stunning fish and fast growers, being only 6 – 8 years old.

An unusual characteristic of the Oakwood fish is that, despite all the popular myths about French carp, they will take floaters, so come prepared and experience some arm wrenching action.